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Michigan Association of Charter School Boards

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Voyageur Academy
District: 82940   Building: 08631
Grades: KG,KG-Part,1-8, GenEd, SpecEd
Contact: Ms. Krystal Bell
4321 Military St
Detroit, MI 48210--245
Phone: (313)748-4007
kbell@voyageuracademy.com Academy's Own Web Site

Voyageur Consortium High School
District: 82940   Building: 09154
Grades: 9-12, GenEd, SpecEd
Contact: Mr. Jeff Mawell
4366 Military St
Detroit, MI 48210--245
Phone: (313)964-2339
jmaxwell@consortiumcollegeprep.com Academy's Own Web Site

Ferris State University
Contact: Ron Rizzo
CPD-1020 East Maple St.
Big Rapids, MI 49307-1649
Phone: 231-591-5802
Fax: 231-796-1448

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Curtis Wade, President
C/O Voyageur Consortium High School
4366 Military St
Detroit, MI 48210--245
Phone: (313)964-2339