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    Monday, May 25, 2015
Six Philadelphia charter schools have been approved this year
KIPP West Philadelphia, part of the highly regarded KIPP network of charter schools, will open in 2016 for students in kindergarten through 4th grade
Revere school board requests changes in Ohio laws on charter schools
BATH TWP.: For the five members of the Revere Board of Education, enough is enough when it comes to charter school regulations in the state of ...
Philly`s SRC approves another KIPP charter school
There was fervent public debate about the possibility of the Philadelphia School Reform Commission approving a slate of new charter schools in ...
Rhode Island Charter School Teacher Put on Leave After Whistleblowing
"These changes to our school do not align with the mission of Times 2 Academy nor with the original charter of our school. These changes were made ...
Silver Chips Online
Privatized schools are a public problem
These options, which are called charter schools, are pushing the widespread movement for the privatization of education. But the effects are not better.
Chicago Sun-Times
CPS forgot 22 schools in estimate for Aramark at a cost of $7 million
Also overlooked were 17 more neighborhood schools, including the top-rated Alcott College Prep High School; four charter schools; and two “options” ...
Parents call for ouster of top aide to incoming Superintendent Tommy Chang
“If we have more people in our public school system that are tied into lobbying and fighting for charter schools, then we have a problem,” Kast-McBride ...
Thea Bowman third-graders soar
It also is planning to offer a Saturday school called "Bowman University" where ... The charter school also has made several changes as a result of ...
Public educators are being challenged, not under assault, Rep. Jeremy Thiesfeldt says
"Part of the reason for the answering of that challenge has been that there is some real competition that they`re facing in terms of charter schools and ...
The Tennessean
David Fox goes against the grain in mayoral race
While other contenders have shied away from Nashville`s contentious fight over charter schools, Fox routinely touts test scores of the city`s charters.
Fort Wayne Journal Gazette
Spelling champ credits reading
... 17.6 percent attend private schools, 6.3 percent attend parochial schools, 4.6 percent are home schooled and 4.2 percent attend charter schools.
West Seattle Blog (blog)
Seattle Public Schools says it`s closing Middle College High School`s West Seattle program
With just a few weeks to go in the school year, Seattle Public Schools has ... We also have asked West Seattle`s school-board rep Marty McLaren for .... Were families notified about a charter school which is slated to open in W.
Greeley Tribune
Safe Routes To School: Program hopes to encourage kids to bike and walk to school this fall
A student at Severance Middle School rides his bike to school during a special event that .... Charter schools also attract kids away from their districts.
News & Observer
Roundtable: What will be the effects of new alignment plan
A majority of the schools now entering the NCHSAA are small charter schools that don`t play football. There was also a concern that the gap in ...
New EPISD monitor Fred Liner experienced in aiding districts in crisis
The new, state-apointed monitor overseeing El Paso Independent School ... He said he has since worked with about 10 school districts and charter ...
Surprise school sports measure stirs up critics
While nonpublic school students in some cities are currently involved in ... Students enrolled in charter and private schools wouldn`t be able to join a ...
Youngsters graduate from Cherokee immersion school
The Cherokee Immersion Charter School graduated even more young Cherokee speakers during an ceremony last week at Sequoyah Schools` gym.
New York Daily News
Keeping score in the state legislature
Education tax credit and charter-school cap. The governor and the Republicans are seeking tax credits for donations to private and public schools at ...
Boston K-8 school in Aurora struggles to adapt in Common Core era
The school says it has taken a number of steps to correct the problem, ... change in management or conversion to a charter or innovation school, which ...
Falcon Foundation Field House dedication: East Shore School Roundup
East Shore School Roundup includes local public school news. ... The Pennsylvania Virtual Charter School will hold an opening for their new facility in ...
Baltimore Sun
School money could make a difference
The answer may lie in the paragraphs of The Sun`s story that indicate at least four charter schools may be interested in moving into Langston Hughes ...
South Texas education revolution: Column
That seems improbable, but the early results from this large scale experiment by IDEA charter schools — serving 15,000 students in the Valley alone ...
Students highlighted at academy groundbreaking
West Hartford >> State and local officials joined with Charter Oak Academy ... “This has been a great school for the past 85 years,” said Tom Moore, ...

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Governance is THE job of Charter Boards, and the MACSB offers a framework for Board governance that will put you in command of your Academy while keeping you out of the trenches.

This model, which we title "Leadership Governance", is accurately based on the proven Policy Governance model (created by John Carver) which we have successfully tailored for Michigan Charter Boards.

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Vol. 2No. 6
When Charter Boards set written performance expectations, the major focus should always be in the area of Student Achievement, although establishing expectations in the Management area is also important because it speaks to issues of prudent and ethical administrative actions.

But the “expectations” model for governance promoted by the MACSB has a special feature that helps Board focus on an often overlooked area….the performance of the Board itself!

Most Boards seldom engage in any form of true introspection, usually because there are no standards or criteria to measure against.  But MACSB offers a practical way to make it happen.  It is done by establishing written expectations for Board performance and assessing performance against those expectations.

In this area, a Board establishes expectations for itself in the following categories:

  • Governance Approach & Style
  • Meeting Agenda/Protocol
  • Board President
  • Board Code of Conduct
  • Board Committees
  • Governance Education
  • Administrator Relations

These expectations are not a substitute for or redundant to Board bylaws.  They are quite different (but complementary) in that they address topics directly related to “governance”  rather than structure.  And these performance expectations are also monitored and self-assessed by the Board based on internal survey of individual Board members.

Performance reports and assessments in this area are typically produced two times a year, each covering about half of the expectations categories.  Again, Boards can conduct these assessments on their own or tap into the MACSB automated reporting system that produces the survey documents for completion by each Board member and then compiles the results for Board deliberation.

An important by-product of these Board performance expectations is that they also serve as a helpful screening process for selecting Board candidates.  Rather than expect candidates to face the traditional tasks of “figuring out” what membership means and wading through the 1,000 page policy manual that current members have long forgotten, candidates see the written, Board-developed standards that show how your Board intends to operate. 

Board expectations also help preclude membership by those with strange or unknown agendas.  They know what is expected and what isn’t!  In other words, candidates and current members can substantively determine if there is likely a good “fit”…kind of a for member recruitment.

The value of this approach cannot be overstated.  Continuity of the Board’s governance style is essential to effective performance.  And many Boards have paid the price for arrival of a member with delusions of individual authority, especially when coupled with a hidden agenda and no real knowledge of how the Board operates.

In future Board Bits issues we will provide examples of how Boards can address a variety of issues and decisions based on the governance philosophy that underlies the MACSB Leadership Governance model.

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